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Bahrain Determined on the Success of the Formula One and Committed to Security
15 April 2013

Information Affairs Authority, 15 April 2013:
The Bahraini government affirmed that it will undertake the appropriate security measures for the upcoming Formula One race from the 19th to the 21st of April.

The government is intent on facilitating the event's success. The Formula One has placed Bahrain on the map internationally and strengthened its place in the motor racing world.

The Minister of State for Information and the Official Government Spokesperson Samira Rajab spoke at a press conference stating, "Like any country hosting an international sporting event, Bahrain is committed on taking all security measures by providing security for everyone.”

She stressed that the situation in Bahrain is secure and reassuring.

The Minister added that the reports of some media outlets that the increase of violence is connected with the approaching race date is an exaggerated claim. She asserted that the sporting event has a positive impact on the economy, and expressed her hopes that the race won't be associated with the political affairs of the country.

The Minister noted that the international sporting events that major countries host have always taken precautionary security measures, referring to how London's role in hosting the Olympics last summer. She pledged that Bahrain will have the same caliber of providing security during this major event.

The Bahrain International Circuit will host the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix for the ninth time since 2004, which includes the race as well as entertainment and art events that will attract many tourists.

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry expects this event to contribute to the revitalization of the economy and tourism sector. The hotel occupancy rate is ranging between 80-100%, which will generate over 500 million dollars in revenue for the economy.